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A Community Garden Centre designed by AHO – the Oslo School of Architecture and Design

Community Garden

We have been hard at work and now super excited to announce that the local municipality has donated to the project and Beit Atfal Assomoud an amazing plot of land close to the camp for the community garden and that the Oslo School of Architecture and Design has started its Scarcity and Creativity Studio that aims to design and build a workshop cabin for the future garden. More news soon!  

Many new developments…


We are very pleased that Places Journal has published Claudia’s article on Bourj Al Shamali: “Camp Code: How to navigate a refugee settlement“. We are also full of news and new initiatives… so watch this space as will be updating this website soon!    

A Public Lab Chapter in the camp


We are very pleased to be joining the Public Lab community as a Public Lab chapter. This is our rationale: Background and Problem Refugee camps are transitory solutions that, as they endure, end up becoming informally constructed cities with a strong negative imprint on the local environment. An example of this is Bourj Al Shamali Palestinian refugee camp in south Lebanon. Founded in 1948, it has now taken on the air…

Marianne Potvin, Harvard researcher, visits us


Marianne Potvin, a PhD student at the urban planning department at Harvard University visited Bourj Al Shamali on Wednesday 5 August 2015. Marianne studies the intersection of humanitarianism and urbanism, and her aim for her Harvard-sponsored research in Lebanon was to learn and document how different aid agencies are dealing with the challenges of providing assistance in densely urbanised areas, and how (and if) they are using and developing new tools and…