A Citizen Science Club


“Citizen science is the involvement of the public in scientific research – whether community-driven research or global investigations.”*

In 2015, we decided to create a Public Lab Chapter in Bourj Al Shamali refugee camp. The aim of the chapter will be three-fold:

(i) to support the local community in their efforts to green the camp, by helping them to gather spatial and environmental data that will help them make informed decisions.

(ii) to create opportunities for youth to experiment with Public Lab’s research tools in the camp, as a way to learn, explore and grow, as well as support the community they live in.

(iii) to use the data and knowledge produced to advocate for improving the living conditions in the camp, but also as a wider reflection on the nature of refugee camps.

For more information and up to date information, please see our wiki on the Public Lab site.

We also recommend Shannon Dosemagen’s TED Talk (especially from minute 6  when she mentions our work!) about community DIY science and Public Lab’s work and mission.

Also, please check out the articles by Al Jazeera and Al Monitor (through AFP) who beautifully have captured our work.