A Pilot Project on Urban Agriculture

2015-03-24 17.42.07 web

Throughout the world, urban agriculture contributes to urban food security through increased food availability, and it can have an important effect on the diet of urban consumers. It also generates income for urban households involved in production, processing, marketing and distribution of these foods, allowing them to buy food and face other expenses, and thereby contributing to their household food security and nutrition. These are the benefits that our project aims to bring to the refugee camp of Bourj Al Shamali.

Our project will target twenty women-headed and/or vulnerable households in the camp. The age groups and sex within these households will vary, and some will be recent arrivals from Syria. Women will be particularly targeted as they often spend large amounts of time at home and are therefore ideally positioned to take care of a rooftop garden. Our project also aims to empower them to take a greater role in the food security situation of their household. Special attention will be made to select households with the potential of being inspired and motivated by this pilot project. With 6 members per household, the total number of direct and indirect beneficiaries will be approximately 120 persons.